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I do a lot of blogging, so I need royalty-free graphics. I used to use sites where I paid by the graphic or picture, but then I found GraphicStock. With GraphicStock, I paid a one-time annual fee of $99.00 which gives me unlimited downloads of their 1,000s of photos, illustrations, and vectors.  When you download, you have the option to download the PSD or Photoshop file so that you can alter.

This is where I generally get all my artwork for my blogs and websites. Check it out and be creative with GraphicStock.

Author: Richard

Richard Webb is an entrepreneur, fitness author of Fat Burning Secrets (available on Amazon), bodybuilder, blogger of fitness & technology, and a digital nomad working mainly from Mexico and travels frequently to Texas and California. He has 25 years experience working in software technology, so he truly considers himself as an unusual combination of bodybuilder-tech nerd.

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